Mangolnganbi College

From the Principal’s Desk

Welcome to the beginning of 2021 semester.While most of us will not be able to meet in person this semester due to the pandemic guidelines, Mangolnganbi College, Ningthoukhong is honored to be part of your educational journey, and we wish you every success as you pursue your academic, professional and personal goals.

We’ve been tirelessly fortifying our focus on various aspect of the College. We looked hard at the work we have done in the last 4 decades; what we have learned about serving the youth and about the effective ways to support, change their lives and leading them to opportunity to grow. I have also studied and enhanced the processes and engagements of the College. The nature of governance with its inherent dynamics of the education system and the professional execution of the negotiated mandate of the system, make Mangolnganbi College, Ningthoukhonga unique Collegewith unique character and this needs to be valued.

The faculty and staff of Mangolnganbi College, Ningthoukhongare committed to your success and we welcome the opportunity to support you. Your Faculties and student support staff are willing and eager to connect with you.Mangolnganbi College, Ningthoukhong has been equipping teaching & non-teaching staffs on Virtual Classes due to the pandemic. More than 90 Virtual classes has been conducted in 2020. I’m privileged to be the mentor of my team, enhancing their skills by training them as well as providing necessary resources to ensure Mangolnganbi College, Ningthoukhong is working actively for the welfare of the students and the society.

We defined 5 key goals which directs us to Operational Excellence and Excellence in Education.

  1. We will continue in our efforts to ensure that every students from across the globe can access high quality education with advancement is technology and learning aids.
  2. We will redouble our efforts to re-engineer processes and workflows for Operational Excellence leading to growth and develop of the students as well as the College.
  3. We are committed to ensure safety of every students through our advocacy efforts, by focusing towards nurturing and enhancing their knowledge, awareness, skillset and prepare them for the next level.
  4. We will continue to organize awareness campaign/workshop/seminar/webinar on various issues and learning aspects which will act as a pillar in the development of the career of each students.
  5. And finally, we will continue to uplift and empower students to ensure their personality improve day by day.

As we embark on this journey, with new goals and deeper focus, we invite you to join us towards our ultimate goal of supporting the students, develop and challenge potential leaders for a life of integrity, hope and compassionate service.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your academic journey. While this semester will be challenging, it will also be rewarding and fun. I am grateful for your flexibility and fortitude as we navigate these unique times together. On behalf of the Mangolnganbi College, Ningthoukhong, faculty and staff, I hope you have an excellent semester.

Because great things happen when you go hand in hand with the same vision and mission.